Introducing gopher.el


Gopher is an internet protocol, like the one your web browser uses. It is designed to do a few things well. Gopher makes browsing and sharing information very simple. While it is not in very widespread use anymore, it is still an excellent way to discover and share.

The above screenshot shows a Gopher listing. A listing is a directory, but instead of files, it contains links: links to directories, text documents, images, and other sites.

gopher.el is a Gopher client for Emacs.

Getting it

The package is available on Marmalade.

(add-to-list 'package-archives '("marmalade" . ""))
(package-install 'gopher)

Using it

M-x gopher prompts you for an address. TAB and M-TAB jump between directory links, while [ and ] jump between text links. ENTER opens the link at the cursor’s position. There’s no history yet, but you can navigate up the directory tree with u.


The source code may be forked, and issues may be filed, by visiting gopher.els GitHub page.

The Future

There are several unimplemented features, the most important of which is HTML viewing. This feature is coming soon.